What is Apostille?

Apostille is a validation process that ensures the legitimacy of documents for use in foreign countries. This official certification is governed by the Hague Convention, streamlining the acceptance of documents across member nations. Understanding the core principles of apostille is imperative to navigating the international legal terrain efficiently.

When Do You Need Apostille Services?

The need for apostille arises when you intend to use your documents abroad. Whether it's for educational purposes, business transactions, or legal matters, having your documents apostilled is a crucial step in ensuring their acceptance in a foreign jurisdiction. 

What is the Apostille Convention?

The Apostille Convention, also known as the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, is an international treaty that facilitates the validation of documents for use in foreign countries. Adopted in 1961, this convention revolutionised the cumbersome process of document legalisation. 

Our Apostille Certificate Services South-Africa

Our services at Apostile.co.za encompass document processing for apostilles, notarisations, authentications, and various certifications in South Africa. Additionally, we provide assistance in obtaining police clearance certificates, birth certificates, letters of no impediment, and other relevant documents for clients both within South Africa and internationally.

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Popular documents are frequently legalised with Authentication Certificate for use outside the borders of South-Africa

Virtually any South-African public document can be legalised by either an Apostille Certificate or Authentication process.

Here is a list of Popular South-African Public Documents that we legalise on a daily basis:

 This list is not exhaustive. If you have a document not listed above which you require apostilled, contact us to make inquiries or get a quotation. Should you have any questions regarding our services, need a quotation or want to proceed with legalising your documents please contact us or visit our offices.

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