Get an academic qualification certificate verification. Comprehensive academic qualification verification and legalisation services. Includes all relevant attendances such as (SAQA, Umalusi, Dept of Higher Education, Dept of Basic Education, High Court, DIRCO & Embassy). Process best left to document legalisation experts)

Degrees and Tertiary Qualifications needs to be verified by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). They issue verification letter confirming tertiary qualifications obtained in South Africa. The verification letters is for qualifications or part-qualifications registered on the NQF.

SAQA verifies the authenticity of South African qualifications for employers or individuals which verification in turn can be authenticated or apostilled by DIRCO. The verification result can is thus in the form of a letter to be legalised by DIRCO (The Department of International Relations and Cooperation). Also see our article DIRCO APOSTILLE SERVICE on this website.

Once DIRCO has received your academic certificate and the letter or verification from SAQA it is then apostilled and and a notice are sent for collection. Some institutions sometimes additionally require a letter from SAQA stating that the qualification was granted by a SAQA verified institution.

Each university degree diploma must be apostilled separately, meaning that for multiple apostilles may be required. The above is a truncated version of the various actions and protocols necessary to legalise academic qualifications. The process involves multiple attendances and actions. taking to long or getting bogged down in the process may cost you that overseas employment opportunity.

The process is best left to a professional document legalisation specialist. Louwrens Koen Attorneys provide a fast SAQA & DIRCO Apostille Certificate Service to assist you in legalising your South African academic documents for use overseas.

Since the implementation of strict Covid protocols it has become incrementally more difficult and time consuming to legalise your documentation in person at SAQA and DIRCO. No walk in customers are allowed and an appointment must be scheduled which may take an considerable time and cause significant frustration. Rather make use of a professional document legalisation company who will get your documents correctly apostilled and legalised in the shortest possible time in these restrictive times.

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